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Melbourne Australia

Webcam from Melbourne in Australia

Live Webcam for Melbourne!

Every dream of visiting Australia specifically Melbourne Australia just to see what things are like there? The cost can be high for travel to Melbourne, but thanks to modern technology you can still “visit” via our live Melbourne webcam!

Live Cam View over Melbourne from Southbank Penthouse Apartments

Whether you are planning travel to Melbourne in the near future or your plans are a bit ways down the road, viewing our webcam from Melbourne can help you to get a feel for this exciting city before you travel!

Webcam View of Coast Port Phillip

Webcam View from Mount Buller Ski Resort

Webcam View from Federation Square

Maybe you have no travel plans at all but just enjoy seeing how other people live, the webcam is a great form of entertainment as well!

This coastal capital of Victoria is a vibrant city with plenty to do and see. It is the second most populated city in Australia. It was founded in 1835. It is home to many popular and widely known cultural attractions.

The climate is oceanic meaning that it is warm to hot in the summers, than cool to cold in the winters always with an ocean breeze blowing.

Melbourne Bird Eye Geographically, Melbourne is as interesting as its history, it is built on the Quaternary lava flows to the west, Silurian mudstones to the east, and Holocene sand accumulation to the southeast.

Its southern most suburbs sit on a fault! Some have wondered how Melbourne stays upright but there is no question that the region is geographically sound, just different from other regions.

The area has been inhabited for about 40,000 years. Early evidence of indigenous people have been found that indicates this coastal city has always enjoyed a robust population. It was an important trading area.

Melbourne started as a penal colony. Basically when British citizens misbehaved they were sent to Melbourne to be punished, however many of the “inmates” found that they loved the freedom of the colony and instead of feeling punished, actually thrived. Melbournians are very proud of their penal colony history and of their rebellious nature.

Nothing did more for expanding the population than the gold rush. Adventurers from around the globe flocked to the region to get their piece of the pie. The population grew rapidly during this period, and then saw another huge growth spike immediately following WWII.

Today Melbourne is a bustling city that has a great economy, beautiful modern buildings, wonderful nightlife and great dining opportunities. It is an eclectic culture of people from around the world that have settled there.

The population continues to grow and with it new construction, new job opportunities, new attractions and it becomes a more relevant metropolis then ever. There is something for everyone in Melbourne.

Melbourne If you are a lover of the outdoors, Melbourne is a great place to travel too, while the city is truly cosmopolitan there are plenty of green spaces and of course there are the rivers and the ocean that are chockful of wonderful opportunities to spend some time with nature.

There are plenty of historic sites to visit, outdoor flea markets where you can shop for great deals and of course a tremendous cultural scene including theaters, museums and galleries.

The winery tours are a great way to spend a day, or visit the Eureka Skydeck to get a birds eye view of the city. Whatever you enjoy doing, Melbourne is a great place to do it.

There are plenty of free tours to participate in, in this city. Walking tours are a great way to get out and really experience Melbourne. Of course, while our webcam will not put you on the ground to walk around, you will get a clear shot of the city and be able to relax at home.

Population Population: Approximately 5 million people

Attractions Main Attractions: Arts Centre Melbourne ,National Gallery of Victoria, the beaches, the wineries, people watching, nature, water sports, shopping the markets and flea markets and more

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