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Alexandra Headland Webcam

Alexandra Headland Webcam from Australia

Found on the south-eastern side of Queensland, a seaside suburb of the coastal town of Maroochydore – Alexandra Headland, is a humble and absolutely stunning getaway destination.

With a population under 4000 people, it’s a rather secluded place, but even if you choose to visit the area at the least bustling of times, you’ll find that there’s quite a bit to do. You’ll find quite a few restaurants, resorts, and a bowling alley if that’s something you enjoy partaking in.

The history of the area stretches back to the late 1800s. Around the 1880s and 90s, the location was used to transport timber and gained the name of Alexandra Headland, in honor of Queen Alexandra around 1901.

When bought and sold by Thomas O’Connor, the area started to spring to life as more than a simple timber transportation point, and Seaside cottages started appearing around the 20s. These cottages were mostly built by locals, as summer and holiday houses, from Palmwoods and Woombye.

Alexandra Headland Webcam View

Due to the interest and growing popularity of the area, O’Connor suggested developing a Residential Hotel just behind the main surfing area. As it finished construction from 1923 to 1928, it became the first of its kind on the Maroochy coast, but maybe because it was ahead of its time, it turned out to not be successful.

This didn’t stop the area to continue its growth as a holiday resort, with further developments of transport services, land sales, alongside its ever-growing in popularity surf beach.

If you venture out into the main body of Maroochydore, you’ll find plenty of more to do, if the Alexandra Headland Beach runs out of things to offer. One of such locations is the Sunshine Plaza, a shopping center full of unique and interesting shops alongside the expected trusted brands and some big brand names.

Alexandra Headland Webcam

The plaza is huge and has a large interior and exterior area, including paddle boats and canoes that you can hire to go through the plaza. It’s a rather unique shopping center that might be worth a visit just to see what it has to offer.

If you want to have a look at the seashore town from a birdseye view, you’re in luck, as the city is home to the Paradise Seaplanes – a Warbird spyplane that takes you on from the Maroochy River around and over the Maroochydore city, with a modified seaplane that has been optimized for the most optimal conditions for observation.

With more glass than a helicopter and a slow and stable pace, the plane is perfect for taking in the beautiful sights from a unique and exciting perspective. And if it doesn’t sound that impressive just yet, it is the only place where you can experience such a thing in the whole of the southern hemisphere. So if you wanted to catch a nice and cozy flight above the beautiful seashore, make yourself welcome.

The city, as well as Alexandra Headland Beach itself, has many learning opportunities as well, if you ever wanted to get into water sports but never found an outlet. Along the beach, you’ll find many available classes, either for traditional surfing, windsurfing, or even joint paddleboarding classes.

Of course, if you have enough experience to lead the pack, you’re always free to just go and tackle the waves. But if you feel like sticking to the ground, you’ll find some activities to occupy yourself nonetheless. With themed mini-golf bars, night clubs and bowling alleys, you are bound to find something to do, either alone or with a family, with the range of activities providing something for every age.

As a seashore destination, you are bound to be looking for some nice weather, and the location does not disappoint. Situated in the southern hemisphere, the city is perfect for Europeans that encounter plenty of snow and cold during the winter months, as these are exactly the months when Maroochydore sees the highest temperatures.

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The winter months usually average around 25 degrees Celsius, with a couple of degrees fluctuating over the days. But if you see yourself visiting during the summer, while not the warmest, you’ll still encounter some great temperatures.

The summer season sees the temperature drop to around 15 degrees Celsius, making for pleasant days and somewhat chilly evenings. Overall, it’s a great and suitable destination for a holiday. If you still have some things to consider, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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