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Tel Aviv

Webcams from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-Yafo, more commonly known as Tel Aviv, is the most populated city in the Gush Dan metropolitan area in Israel and is considered the economic and technological center of the country. Sitting right on the Israeli coastal plain, you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to enjoy the coastline.

If you ever find yourself in Tel Aviv, there’s plenty to take in. To begin with, the city itself is massive, full of skyscrapers and modern architecture. You might even mistake it for LA if you find yourself in the right place.

Tel Aviv Panorama

So there’s no surprise that there is plenty of things to find and enjoy. Most people will probably find themselves at the obvious first choice, the beach. And the Promenade Beach is definitely a great choice – it’s a strip with easy access to the beach with plenty of cafes scattered along the way.

Tel Aviv Web Cam View from Carlton Hotel of Gordon Beach

While you’re there, it’s the best time to soak in the skyline of the city, as it’s more than a treat and really highlights the scale of the metropolis. But if you start feeling like you want to escape the modern civilization for at least a moment, I have some good news for you.

If you move your way down to Jaffa’s Old City and Port, you’ll be met by a city that looks almost opposite to the one you were just in. Jaffa, which is also known as Yafo, is an ancient city that is responsible for the current Tel Aviv and the ancient city has been preserved perfectly. It’s almost amazing, how such a beautiful and old city can almost be overshadowed by the massive metropolis that Tel Aviv has become.

But the ancient city is not the only port that’s worth a visit, once your back in the main city, feel free to visit the Tel Aviv port, which is bustling with restaurants, shops, and many other attractions that will keep you occupied, letting you enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the port.

Once the sun hides behind the horizon, it is time to indulge in the nightlife. A great starting location has to be the Great Synagogue that you can find on Allenby Street where you’ll find a square full of great bars that will let you kick off the evening just right. If you’re out for a calmer evening, the HaBima Square is a wonderful place, as you will find yourself accompanied by classical music , submerged in a sunken dream garden.

But if a rowdy night is what you’re looking for, there is more than enough to satisfy your needs. And Tel Aviv is a bit different from the west, as things only ramp up quite late into the night, clubs filling up from around midnight to 2 a.m., sometimes going right up to late morning. But depending on how you feel, this might as well be a bonus, as you’re guaranteed to have a long and lively night.

Most of the city operates 24 hours a day, so you can find a spot at any time throughout your night out, even if it’s already the following day. Such hotspots as Rothschild, Levontin, Lillenblum might be good places to start off, being places most likely to give you the full experience of the Tel Aviv nightlife.

But just like during the day, there are many different spots for many different flavors, even Jaffa having great, more contemporary bars, some hosting wonderful free concerts. When it comes to the night in Tel Aviv, you’re completely free to choose your poison.

Tel Aviv Webcams

The following day you might be craving for something a bit more relaxed and the city won’t disappoint. Tel Aviv is famous for it’s unique Bauhaus architecture, that has been brought there by German Jews and adopted by the local designers and architects and you can find it in the world-famous White City, which even has guides online for you to find the way around.

Tel Aviv is a wonderful destination that has been rising the ranks of top destinations across the world and this amazingly live city has both passion and heritage to offer, from the modern metropolitan charm of the future to the ancient treasures of the old town to the interesting and unique architecture recognized by the rest of the world.

And if you still have your doubts, feel free to take a look at the calming beach using one of these live webcams.

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