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Webcams from Warsaw

Warsaw – the capital and largest city of Poland, stands as one of the largest cultural centers in the country.

Visited by many, the city is a significant center of research and development, business process, and information technology outsourcing. When it comes to tourism, numbers of over 10 million tourists are reported on a yearly basis, with 2017 seeing over 16 million same-day visitors. It is a popular city, to say the least.

Warsaw live cam view of Warsaw West station

As a tourist, you can expect to find many interesting places in the city, may it be due to architecture, activities, or some good food, you are sure to not be left disappointed.

For example, the Palace of Culture and Science is a worthy centerpiece that will jump right out once you see it. At the height of 237 meters (778 ft), it is one of the largest buildings in the area.

It is also the location of the winter market that takes place during the Christmas season. Overall it’s a great location to visit as it hosts a cinema with eight screens, multiple theaters, two museums, and even a swimming pool.

The Museum of King Jan III’s Palace is another breathtaking spot. Located in the Wilanow district of Warsaw, the palace is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. The main building and the garden accompanying it have not been changed by annexations, wars, and occupations, standing as one of the most authentic and nicely kept pieces of heritage in Europe.

Inside, you will find the king’s Jan III Sobieski’s apartments and the suites of Queen Maria Kazimiera, which include the Chinese, Dutch, and Antiquities rooms and the Potocki Museum.

Warsaw webcam View Of Palace of Culture

The beautiful seventeenth-century sundial located at the back of the palace consists of three shields held by the dignified figure of Saturn and owes its origin to the astronomical interests of the king. The location has many wonderful corners to discover with many intricate buildings, statues, and gardens.

During the nights and especially the winter season, the entire location is covered in thousands of lights, creating wonderful picture-worthy sceneries.

If the museum found at the palace piques your interest in discovering more Polish culture, the National Museum might be just the right spot to visit next. The museum houses a grand collection of over 830,000 exhibits from all periods, from antiquity to the present.

Warsaw Webcam

Masterpieces of Polish and world art are presented in themed galleries, one of the pieces being 40 squared meters large, being the largest painting of Polish origin. In addition, the Faras Gallery has the largest collection of Nubian artifacts in all of Europe – from the eighth to the fourteenth centuries, including a unique collection of wall paintings.

If you want to understand the role of art in the past, this is one of the best locations out there. For example, in the Gallery of Old Art, you will be transported to an era when painting and sculpture functioned on a par with crafts. Next to paintings and sculptures, you can see beautifully decorated furniture, fabrics, dishes, and quite a bit more.

For a night out, the city does not disappoint. As the capital city of the country, you can find many unique, one of a kind places to visit, as it stands as a center for innovative competition. For example, Whiskey in the Jar and the Steam bar come to mind.

Warsaw View

The former is a steakhouse with a focus on a wide range of cocktails and evening activities, with live performances filling the interesting space of the venue. The live performers can be seen above the main area, where people can enjoy great food and drinks. The latter, Steam Bar, is a European Gastropub, offering great comfort food for a price you can’t reject.

The bar has a great aesthetic fitting the name with a rustic feel and leather-covered furniture, it is an atmospheric evening getaway that will surely make you feel at home.

This is just a small taste of what the capital city of Poland can offer. Warsaw is large and has many different gems to find, so may it be your first, second, or yearly visit, you can rest assured that you will have something new to do. But if you’re yet to book a ticket to Warsaw, feel free to take a look by using one of these free webcams you can find on this site!

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