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Seoul South Korea

Webcam from Seoul in South Korea

Our multiple Seoul webcams lets you take a peek at this awesome city. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. It is a bustling metropolis with an ancient flair.

This city is chock full of modern wonders. From the skyscrapers to the incredible subway system, it is an amazing example of modernization that is peppered with cultural icons like ornate Buddhist temples, palaces and more. 

Web Cam View of Seoul Hangang [4K Live]

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is a splendid site with its seven thousand rooms. In Seoul you find ancient trees, stunning modern architecture and hoards of people all living side by side. Known as Seoul the Special City by locals, this city is a hotspot of culture and activity around the clock.

Live Cam Stream Namsan Tower from Seoul

The history of humans occupying the area goes back to the Paleolithic Age. It was established in “modern” times in the 18 century BC.  It has been the headquarters for several kingdoms through out its history. 

It was not until the early 19th century that Seoul opened the gates and began to modernize. Before 1945 Seoul was known as Hanyang and Gyeongseongbu respectively.

At one point in the early 2000’s the Korean government had announced that they would move the capital from Seoul to the Gongju area but the plans never came to fruition largely because of the large outcry against it from the South Korean citizens.

Today Seoul is a popular destination in the East. People flock to this city to enjoy the shopping, the sights, the history and the ever present technology that is everywhere.


Seoul has gone through many transformations over the years since it was established to become one of the most popular cities in the world for both residents and travelers.

Today it is ranked as one of the 10 most economically stable cities in the world. Seoul is known as being a powerful player in the world market. It has one of the fastest internet connections in the world and is the 3rd largest city in the world. The economy is booming.

It is home to the second tallest building in the world. It is also home to one of the largest art scenes in the world. It is home to one of the largest electronics markets in the world. It is home to Asia’s largest underground mall.

Golf is a big pastime in Seoul and you can golf anytime of the year no matter what the weather is like at one of the huge indoor golfing venues.

Golfers don all their golf gear then aim at giant canvas screens. Their strokes are recorded so they can look back at the replays and make adjustments.

Golf is not the only favored activity for Seoulites, they love to gamble, play video games, meet new people and that can all be done in “bangs”. Bangs are special rooms that are dedicated to specific activities where people meet up and enjoy their favorite activity together.

Night in Seoul

Boy bands, girl bands and other pop groups are celebrated through out Seoul. The music scene is thrilling in Seoul. Nightlife is lively. You can find restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, stores just about anything you want to do open around the clock.

Seoulites work hard and they know how to party hard as well and they focus on good health. Organic foods, tonics and Korean saunas (jjimjilbangs) are everywhere.

The saunas are set up for total relaxing and typically have floors of whirlpools, mineral baths, massage areas, nail salons, cafes and more to help with wellness.

This progressive city has it all, ancient palaces, vibrant nightlife, great food, interesting people and so much more and our Seoul webcams take you to all the excitement without you ever having to leave home.

Sit back, relax, people watch, enjoy the sights and “visit” Seoul virtually!


Population: About 9.8 Million People


Main Attractions: Theme Parks, Museums, Palaces, Temples, The Seoul Tower, street markets, electronics markets and so much more. This is a wonderful city that offers something for everyone.

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