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Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Webcam from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil

An iconic location in the world of tourism and the most visited city in Brazil – Rio De Janeiro stands as an ever-present destination in the public consciousness.

One of the most prominent aspects of Rio De Janeiro is the Cristo Redentor, a world-famous statue of Jesus Christ, standing at a towering 38 meters (124 feet) on top of a 720-meter (2362 feet) summit overlooking the city.

Webcam View of Balneario beach from Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This famous piece of art deco has found its way into movies, every aspiring photographer’s portfolio, and pop culture as a whole. It is undeniably one of the most iconic pieces of imagery about the city and is visited by around 2 million people every year.

Another aspect associated with the city is the duality of two very different sides of the town, the city center and the favela. Seen as a setting to a plethora of Hollywood movies, the Rio De Janeiro favela is an iconic low-income neighborhood, characterized by its maze-like appearance, with the building roofs being just as big of a part of living.

While an unfortunate reminder of poverty found in the city, it creates a contrast with the completely opposite central side of the city, which flaunts skyscrapers, endless white-sand beaches, parks, and architectural wonders.

Rio De Janeiro Webcam View

When it comes to architectural curiosities to visit, one of the better Benedictine complexes dating to 1617 found on a hill above the harbor – São Bento offers one of the finest church interiors you’ll find in the entirety of Brazil.

Beautiful and detailed carvings can be found all over the place, with exquisite murals found on the roof of the interior. The same even more so goes to Sao Francisco da Penitencia Church. These are wonderful examples of immaculate artistry and are worth a visit both for religious and those looking for architectural awe.

The peak of Cristo Redentor is not the only peak worth a visit. Sugarloaf, one of the better known Rio De Janeiro landmarks, reaching around 400 meters high. Accessible by a cable car, it’s a great location to have a different look at the city.

Rio De Janeiro Webcam

While not as high as the 700-meter peak where the Christ statue is situated, it is still far above any skyscrapers you’ll find around. An engaging location for almost a hundred years, it is one of the best places to enjoy a sunset.

One of the most obvious things, especially if you observe the city from a bird’s view, is the absolutely massive beach at the heart of the city. Copacabana, the neighborhood known for its 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) long beach, one of the most famous in the world.

With a clear, almost endless seeming beach and the Atlantic waters providing with the waves, it is the home for beach volleyball, sailing, scuba diving, rafting, jet skiing, and anything else you can come up with. With small islands find not that far offshore, Rio De Janeiro is really an everything in one destination, with almost anything you would expect from a vacation being up for grabs.

Lastly, you can’t mention Rio De Janeiro and not mention the carnival, that takes place just after the New Year. The Rio Carnival hosts probably one of the most extravagant and impressive parades you’ll ever see in your life. The local samba schools compete with floats that redefine what you can expect from such an attraction.

The floats are renowned across the globe as the most intricate and impressive, with some housing waterfalls on top of them, moving giants, and intricate stories told through these artistic creations.

Rio De Janeiro View

Of course, all of these floats are accompanied by the samba dancers from the schools they represent, walking along or situated on top of the float, dancing, entertaining, and making the parade one of the most interesting events across the globe.

From its unique look to world-renowned landmarks and highest class events, Rio De Janeiro is an absolutely amazing city that will leave you satisfied with your visit and wanting for more. But if you’re not ready to get into your carnival outfit just yet, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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