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Hastings Pier Webcam England, UK (Live Stream)

Live Web Cam of Hastings Pier in the UK

Wish to visit Hasting Pier in the UK but just can’t seem to get there? The live cam of Hastings Pier will let you see what you are missing! HD live webcam of Hastings Pier allows you to view the pier any time of the day or night and not have to leave home.

Live HD Webcam of Hastings Pier

Hasting Pier is in Sussex England in the town of Hastings.  The Hasting Pier was originally built in the 1800’s and really enjoyed a robust tourism through the 1930’s when interest in the pier fell off a bit.

The 1960’s saw a tremendous resurgence of interest in this coastal pleasure pier and developed a huge music scene that made it once again popular not just for Brits but for the whole world.

The pier has been featured as the backdrop in many movies and TV shows.

Hastings Pier: A Journey through Time

The 1990’s was a tragic time for the pier. It was damaged in a storm and was temporarily closed waiting for repairs, the temporary closure went on for decades.

The repairs never manifested, and the pier was completely closed in 2008. People of Hastings and larger Sussex were outraged that the pier was permanently closed. It held a wealth of memories for most people in the region and quickly became an eye sore to the residents and visitors alike.

Hastings Pier Beach

Then a fire struck in 2010 that all but destroyed the original structure. In 2013 it was reimagined as something much better and won the Stirling Prize for architecture. Today, there are still some complaints about the pier as finishing touches are added and temporary closures occur without notice but for the most part it is complete.

So, what is happening today on the pier? There is a lot happening. The pier is once again a destination spot for travelers but be aware that it is only open during the in-season. If you can visit you may want to check to see if the pier is open.

One of the favorite things to do on the pier is to sit with a drink and relax and take in views of the sea. It is also a great spot to people watch. You can watch the seabirds swoop in and get their next meal right out of the ocean.

Of course, the pier is the main attraction but there is plenty to do and see in the town that surrounds the pier as well. Day walking tours are available to tour the town and its historic sites.

The town has been established since the early 15th century and has always enjoyed a robust economy thanks to the sea right at the foot of the town.

Hastings Pier

Remember the pier was constructed in the 1800’s as a “pleasure pier” which was largely unheard of at that time. Most people were focused on surviving the day and pleasure was simply not something that was scheduled in.

There is shopping on the pier where vendors sell their wares out of stalls. There is a restaurant/bar on the pier where you can grab and meal and sit outside, weather permitting. It is one of life’s simple pleasures to enjoy the view over a good meal.

You can watch the boats pull in nearby, it is a very relaxing place to visit and does a good job of delivering the pleasure that was promised so many years ago!

Of course, running off to Sussex may not be in the cards for you right now but you can view the pier and enjoy all the relaxing views from anywhere you have access to the internet with our live cams.


Population: The town of Hastings has a population of about 10,000


Main Attractions: Sea life, the sea, the boats, the town of Hastings

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