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Thasos Greece

Live HD Thasos Webcam, Greece

Thasos Webcam

The live cam from Greece lets you view Thasos from the Angelica Hotel Resort. Our Thasos cam gives you a breathtaking view of Thasos.  The Thasos cam overlooks the harbor where you can view the ships pulling in.

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Live Webcam from Thasos

The island is 400 km and has little villages throughout that are connected by buses and taxi service. This is a popular tourist destination but has managed to maintain its rustic charm.

It is considered one of the lushest looking islands in the Greek Islands.


The rolling hills are a beautiful jade green year-round. The beaches are secluded and stunning.

There is evidence that this island has been inhabited since the 4th century. In the 8th century gold was found on the island and instantly made it an important part of the Greek economy.

Today, the island is largely populated by farmers and fisherman, and tourists of course. People come to Thasos for the stunning views, the amazing food and the warm welcoming people.

Remnants of ancient architecture are visible on the island. This is a historically important island as much of the Greek Isles are that has produced well-known artists, authors and thinkers.

It is a beautiful island that has a lot to offer.


Population: About 16000


Main Attractions: The beaches, Mt Ypsari, the ancient ruins in Limenas, Museums of archeology and folklore, the ancient theater (which is still used today), Dragoncave, The Monastery of the Archangel allows visitors as well. There are tennis courts, horseback riding and more to do!

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