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Home to almost 6 million people, known for its cleanliness, mega malls, and craziest airports in the world– Singapore is a place of many pleasant surprises.

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The island city-state has been in the spotlight for a while now. From its ban on chewing gum, which played a part in the country becoming known for its cleanliness, to the futuristic skyline of the capital by the same name. If you ever find yourself visiting the region, you are bound to find something to do.

For example, like many things, the Singapore zoo is one of the best in the world. Beautifully designed 28 hectares, with wide free-roam areas for the plethora of animals from across the globe. The zoo even includes water park-like areas that are great for children.

Another great nature-centric location is the Gardens by the Bay. It is a wonderful combination of the two sides of Singapore, the futuristic architecture, and the wonderful nature. The biodomes and intricately crafted supertrees create a park like no other, not to mention that it is housed in an area of 101 hectares, so when it comes to town gardens, who could beat that?

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What South-East Asia has tackled like no other region in the world is shopping malls, and Singapore is offering malls that are at the top of the line. The first thing you’ll probably notice, no matter which mall you choose to visit, is that the building itself is quite a looker.

May it be a stylish throwback to the early 2000s or an absolutely mind-boggling futuristic building with all kinds of intricate shapes, the malls are not only massive but good looking too. For example, one of the more notable malls, the ION Orchard has a massive (almost) 950,000 square feet of floor area.

The more surprising part is that it’s only the third-largest mall on the island, beaten by Suntec City Mall and VivoCity malls. So if you’re in for a shopping spree, there’s plenty to choose from.

Singapore Webcam View

Another outstanding area, originating from the part of Chinese heritage, the Singapore China town, is a massive district full of significant historical and cultural importance, featuring many Chinese cultural elements and being largely recognized as a heritage site.

If you venture inside, the amount of temples and buildings to see is outstanding, considering you’re entering just a district in a much larger metropolitan area.

One of the more eye-catching buildings is the Sri Mariamman Temple, or more precisely the “gopuram” – ornate entrance tower, that in the case of Sri Mariamman is covered with tens, seemingly a hundred of ornate humanoid figures creating a very unique and iconic landmark, that has been attended and changed over the many years it has been housed in the area.

From the grand entrance to the Chinese lanterns lining the streets, to the many historical landmarks, this is a china town for the record books.

If by this point you have started to wonder about the history of the island, you might be interested in visiting the National Museum of Singapore. The white-ivory building is home to themed galleries that present the rich history of the country.

The way the museum is set up is quite interesting as well, as by utilizing all kinds of multimedia you are thrown into a journey to experience everything from food to fashion, film, and everything in between through physical and video examples and even “living” historical figures, that will talk directly to you about all the important aspects of the Singaporean culture and history.

The island is not all about the future and staying clean though, by the end of the day it is still a wonderful tropical vacation getaway, with beautiful white sand, clear blue water, and plenty of palm trees creating some shade.

Singapore Webcam

And if you start getting ideas that somethings up and the beaches look just a bit too tidy, you would be right, as the Singaporean beaches are well known for being hand-made, but don’t fret, the human touch makes the beaches some of the best out there!

May it be the future fused with nature, the rich history, or the well of heritage, the city-state is a great location to visit. If you’re still to make up your mind, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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