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Puerto de la Cruz Teide webcam

Puerto de la Cruz Webcam [Live Tenerife]

Enjoy the Views from the Webcam in Puerto De La Cruz

Our Puerto De La Cruz webcam delivers wonderful views. Puerta De La Cruz is located on Tenerife the largest of the Canary Islands.

Our webcam of Puerto De La Cruz on Tenerife lets you “visit” this holiday destination right from the comfort of your home!

Puerto De La Cruz weather is always lovely year-round. The temperature rarely dips below 21 degrees C at the coldest time of year (January) and a high of 29 degrees C in August (the hottest month of the year). There is very low precipitation, and relative low humidity. In other words, the climate is perfect for anyone that loves sunny days and warm weather!

Formerly known as the Port of the Cross, Puerto De La Cruz is in the northern coast of the island. The colonization of the islands in the 1500’s made Puerto De La Cruz an important trade hub and since that point it has been a tourist destination.

Before mass tourism ensued, the region was the “go to” destinations of elites that were interested in the natural beauty of the area and interested in the Flora and Fauna of the island.

Another driving force of the tourism trade in the early days was the “health benefits” Europeans could realize by getting away from the cold of their own climate and wintering in the beautiful Canary Islands.

Originally a small fishing village, the municipality grew by leaps and bounds rather quickly. The original church that was built in 1603 and still stands today in the middle of the town.

Fishing was the main economy but that was quickly replaced by sugar cane plantations. In 1706 the volcano Mount Teide erupted and wiped out the sugar cane plantations.

The wine industry began to blossom, and the economy became much more prolific and of course the area became much more developed. At the turn of the 19th century this area became a hot bed of cultural arts.

Writers and artist favored the region and the inspiration that the natural beauty gave them.

It developed an impressive reputation among Europeans for being a great escape destination for the rich, talented and famous which of course drove tourism to higher levels.

Everyone wants to holiday where the wealthy people do.

This area enjoyed robust trade with the Americas as early as 1800. Puerto De La Cruz received 50% of the trade supplies from the Americas and over 60% of the tonnage that was traded.

Today you do not have to be wealthy nor famous to enjoy this beautiful region. People from all walks of life and all backgrounds visit and live on Tenerife.

There are communities that are largely made up of British ex pats, there are more traditional communities made up of mostly Spaniards, there are communities that are true melting pots with international flavor.

This island has something to offer everyone.

Tourism is important in this region as is evidenced by the large number of resorts and hotels that dot the landscape through out the region.  Puerto De La Cruz is home to many festivals through-out the year that focus on a wide range of cultural and religious themes.

From the Sardine Festival to El Carnaval to recognize the start of Lent, there is a street party that a tourist will enjoy. The street festivals are vibrant events that are colorful and that offer range of things to do.

The Sardine Festival is a sight to see.

View of Puerto De La Cruz

A giant papier-mâché sardine is carried through the streets to the harbor where it is “blessed” with Holy Water to ensure a good fishing season. El Carnaval (think Mardi Gras) has beautiful floats, beautiful people and is one giant party.

One of the notable features of this area are the black sand beaches. It is an unusual sight to see for first time visitors. The sand is a reminder that the Canary Islands were all formed from a volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

The black sand beaches add a little extra sparkle to the coast as they glitter in the sun. The surf in the area is generally calm and swimmable through out the year.

One of the favored things to do in Puerto De La Cruz is to people watch. During the height of the summer the beaches get very busy with sunbathers, swimmers, kite surfers, sail boarders and other beach lovers.

The busy waterways, welcome small boats, yachts, sail boats and more into the harbor. Many people enjoy laying back on the sand and watching as the boats pass by.

It is a very relaxing way to spend the day. The views can be compared to a storybook or a movie. The sunsets, the sunrises are all simply breathtaking and unforgettable.

Palm trees are abundant in the area and add to the tropical feel. The trees gently sway in the trade winds and are the perfect back drop to the amazing scenery. There is other vegetation in the area that also plays an important role in the beauty of Puerto De La Cruz.

Thanks to its micro climates there is plenty of varying types of blooming flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetation that grows in and around this town. The Tenerife Bugloss are endemic to the region and produce long stalks of flowers.

You will see lizards scurrying everywhere on the island and bats in the evening are active. There are over 500 species of aqua life that populate the waters around the islands including, whales, dolphins and logger head turtles.

There are over 43 protected areas on the island to ensure that generations to come will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Tenerife and its flora and fauna. Sadly, many of the endemic species that once roamed the island freely are extinct.

Interestingly animals on Tenerife grew to enormous sizes for their species because of phenomenon known are Island Gigantism. It is a phenomenon that is relative to the lack of predators and the isolation of the species.

At one time there are giant lizards that lived on the island, giant rats, larger than life emperor dragonflies, large tortoises and more.

Some of the animals became extinct immediately following colonization while some became extinct naturally due to volcanic activity, in any case, they are no longer on the island.

This region takes conservation very seriously and takes many steps to ensure that both sea animals and land animals enjoy protections that promote species conservation.

Birds are frequent flyers to this region. Some birds like the Atlantic Canary are endemic to the region while others are visitors that stop by during their migration.

Of course, you can expect the usual suspects at the shore like the common white Seagull but there are other not so usual birds that are fun to watch like the Wagtails and their funny “dance”. There are birds of prey on the island and night herons as well which keeps the skies lively both day and night.

Even the insects are exotic in this area; from Scarlet Darters (blood red colored dragonflies) to the Death Head Moth there is an interesting range of insects that also happen to be beautiful to look at.

There are three dog breeds that are indigenous to the region. There is evidence that dogs have inhabited the island and worked side by side with the indigenous people of the island dating back to 50BC.

The Canary Islands were named the Canary Islands not because of the sweet little birds that are indigenous to the region but because of the Canaria (dogs in Spanish).

One of the most impressive native breeds is the Presa Canario that was originally bred as a work dog but then was bred to be a fighting dog. The breed can grow to well over 120 pounds. It is banned from 10 countries, but many owners find them to be docile and sweet.

There is no doubt that this unique island has plenty of unique qualities that make it an interesting place to visit.

Whether you are an adventurer looking for a way to raise your adrenaline or you are more of a sit back and relax type, Puerta De La Cruz is the place where you can find the perfect activity to suit your holiday style.

How can you go wrong on a holiday when the weather is perfect year-round?

There are botanical gardens to stroll around, a zoo featuring tigers to visit, salt water pool complexes to swim at and of course the beaches to visit where water sports rule the day.

There are historic sites located right around the harbor that are wonderful examples of what 17th century Puerto De La Cruz looked like. The Spanish colonial architecture adds interest to the area and encourages strolling around the harbor area to get a closer look.

There are quaint shops that offer great shopping, wonderful seaside restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisines to choose from and more that draws people to this wonderful historically important town in Tenerife.

Traveling to this island specifically Puerto De La Cruz, ensures a memorable holiday that is sure to deliver a good time.

Our live webcam of Puerto De La Cruz is an easy way for you to view the happenings and get away for a little while from the hustle and bustle of your own life.

Sit back and enjoy your mini vacation by using our webcam of Puerto De La Cruz in Teneriffa.

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