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Lauterbrunnen Webcam

Lauterbrunnen Webcam from Switzerland

First mentioned by name in 1304 and found in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, the municipality of Lauterbrunnen is a place right out of a fantasy book.

Lauterbrunnen Webcam Panoramic View

The city, situated in a valley and surrounded by towering cliff sides make for an excellent getaway location, far from the bustling modern life. Proper signs of life and development started in the area around the 13th century and have been slowly and humbly growing ever since.

Nowadays, around 2500 are known to inhabit the area, making it a rather peaceful and secluded abode. Whilst small, the village draws its strength from the U-shaped valley it is situated in. At some points, the cliff is up to 1000 meters (around 3300 feet) high, with stunning waterfalls completing the dreamy and fantastical scenery.

While there has been development in the area since the aforementioned 13th century, it really only kicked into full gear around 300 years later in the 16th century, when mines were built in the village and around 1715, iron smelters were built process iron ore mined in the facilities.

Lauterbrunnen Webcam

Due to the ownership of the land, many locals were dissatisfied with wealth distribution and found themselves moving to the United States. Jumping well into the 18th century, the location became heavily favored by travelers using it as a starting point for their expeditions into the Alps.

Throughout the years, the ever-growing fame of the location lead to some people. From around 1834 to 1890, a railway was finished, making access to the area much easier. With the influx of both interest and ease of access, many hotels and other tourist infrastructure were built in the area.

By the end of the 1800s, the village also saw cable cars introduced into the area, to fully complete the wonderful tourist destination.

Lauterbrunnen View

By 1912 with the addition of the Jungfrau railway, the location became a very attractive location, with easy access to not only the highest rail station in the world, but also some of the best scenery, with the Alps serving as the renowned destination for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

One of the more famous attractions in the area is the Staubbach Falls, a waterfall situated in the Bernese Highlands of Lauterbrunnen, and drops a massive 297 meters (974 feet) down from a hanging valley that ends with cliffs of Weisse Lütschine.

The drop is so high that the water almost loses its spray, but after rain or as the winter snow melts, the waterfall is a sight to behold. As the water falls, the water droplets spread and turn into a mist, accompanying the falling water, creating a stunning atmosphere.

The municipality is rather large and spread far beyond the village. With an area of 164.51 km2 or around 63.52 sq miles, the region is a wonderful and beautiful place, that looks straight out of a picture book. Most of the area is either used for agricultural purposes or is heavily forested, full of different rivers and lakes.

When it comes to the local weather, you are in for what Switzerland at large has to offer, but the region specifically is suited for winter months more than it is for summer.

The summer months on average only see the temperatures reach around the 10 degrees Celsius mark, while some hotter days see temperatures as warm as 15 degrees, which to many, will still leave much to desire.

Lauterbrunnen Webcam View

If you’re traveling to the area, the summer beach experience is not what you’re looking for anyway, it’s all about the Alps, the snow, and the many adventures that come with it. Given this, the winter months see an average of around -10 degrees Celsius, with some days dropping slightly lower, to around -12.

The winter moths are consistent and don’t fluctuate too much, making for a stable and great winter wonderland, that will deliver every time you choose to visit. May it be the secluded nature of the location, or the wonderful cliffs and mountains found plentiful in the region, it is a favored visit spot for the last 300 years, loved by adventurers and travelers.

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