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Latina Webcam from Italy

Latina – a moderate size town that stands as the capital of the province of Latina in the Lazio region in Italy, with a population of just around 100000 inhabitants, might be a bit of a hidden gem.

While not being known as the top travel destination, the region has quite a bit to offer. For example, Palmarola, a small island west from Ponza, a larger island that is also a part of the province of Latina, is a wonderful location if you feel like going for an adventure on a boat.

Latina Webcam

With beautiful water, grandiose cliffs with caves that are free for you to explore, there is no better place to take the edge off and go on a little adventure, before you go grab dinner from a rustic restaurant found nearby.

When it comes to the bigger brother of Palmarola, the islands of Ponza, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands and is easily accessible via ferries. This wonderful place is the most populous of the islands and is a great location to explore to escape from the busy city life.

The main establishment of Ponza is the town of the same name that is located in the southern region of the island. There, you can find a beautiful harbor and a series of restaurants and plenty of bed and breakfast hotels.

On the opposite side of the island is the wonderful hidden beach of Chiaia di Luna that is surrounded on one side by large cliffs. Alternatively, if sunbathing is not really your thing, you can take the bus or hire a bike to explore the other regions of this fantastic island.

Another great island in the region is Santo Stefano. Just like the other Pontine Islands, Santo Stefano was created from volcanic activity. As the most easterly of the islands, Santo Stefan lies 1.2 miles from the larger Ventotene and is accessible via boat tours and ferry’s from the other islands.

The main attraction of this rocky island is the famous Santo Stefano Jail, created in 1797, the jail had 99 cells and a central watchtower and was used up until 1965. The architecture of the jail is quite impressive and it features a series of ornate arches and octagonal guard towers.

It stands in remarkable condition and is one of the most visited sites of the Pontine Islands.

If great relics of history and architecture are not something that gives you the kick you want, Acquaparco Scivosplash could be a wonderful location to get the dose of excitement, especially if you travel with family. Acquaparco Scivosplash is an ideal location just outside the main city confines of Latina.

The great water park has something for everyone. It has a range of thrilling water slides and rapids, several well-maintained pools perfect for swimming, and ample space for sunbathing and relaxation in its grounds. The main feature of the water park is a large 3 lane water slide that sends you careering into the waters below, and two helter-skelter style slides that feature several helix twists.

This location is great for both kids and adults and provides a great getaway from the city where you will most likely spend some time sight-seeing.

Latina View

The region is a great location if you’re up for catching a ferry to an island away from the mainland, as not only do you get quite a bit of choice, you’re also placed nearby of other bigger tourists hotspots, placing you in a great position of choosing how you want to shape your vacation.

But if picking which islands fit the bills is not something you want to do just yet, feel free to take look, using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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