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La Gomera Webcams [Live]

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We take you to La Gomera via 5 webcams on La Gomera. La Gomera is part of the Canary Island, island chain. It is located off the coast of Africa, it is 369.76 square kilometers. It is the second smallest island in the chain. It is also the second least populous islands in the chain, but it has a lot to offer.

Valle Gran Rey Webcam, La Gomera

On this island you do not find the grand resorts on most of the island that you find on other islands, what you find is small resort towns that dot the landscape that deliver the best in services and opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture.

It is about 14 meters wide and almost completely circular shaped. There is a beautiful rainforest located on the island.

The island has a hilly terrain with the highest peak at 1,487 meters (4,879 ft) this island has a unique landscape that adds to it beauty. 4000 hectares of ancient Laurel Silva rainforest cap this beautiful island and add to the magical feel of the island.

The landscape is storybook worthy and feels otherworldly because of the coming together of so many different landscapes in such a small region.

San Sebastian webcam, La Gomera

The weather in La Gomera has different micro climates, for example the mountainous areas are almost always covered in a mist which helps to keep the temperatures lower than you find in other areas.

The island is rich in vegetation because of the of rain that it gets annually in the mountain areas but there is also very arid desert like conditions on the island as well.

The island enjoys a subtropical climate, making the weather very sunny for most of the year. From October to March the rainfall is minimal across much of the island.

The weather differences are clear when you move from the northern region to the southern region. On the northern side of the island the hills are a vibrant green, while the southern region does not see quite enough rain to really give the slopes that lush natural green look.

The northern part of the island can see up to 35 inches of rain every year, while the southern part of the island can see as low as 13 inches of rain for the entire year. This strange weather difference can make the island appear like two very different places.

Along the coastal regions, the day time temperature during the coldest month (January) is around 21 °C (70 °F). From October to March, if rain is going to fall at the coast, this is when it does. Typically, during the summer months, rain is never in the forecast for the coastal plain areas.

The climate of La Gomera adds to the interest of the island. A quick hike into the mountains from the coast can deliver an entirely different weather pattern.

San Sebastin La Gomera is the capital of the island. Our webcam of San Sebastin La Gomera lets you look at this beautiful municipality. This area is rich in history and is home to the largest harbor on the island.

The harbor offers ferry boat connections to other islands in the chain like Tenerife the largest of the Canary Islands, La Palma and El Hierro (home of the giant El Hierro lizards). It is a bustling port with ships moving in and out through out the day.

San Sebastin La Gomera is a historically significant area, it is where Christopher Columbus stopped and stayed on his way to “India” when he wound up in America.

The building where he stayed is now a museum on the island. Of course, the back story to why Columbus choose this small island to stop for supplies adds interest to the history. Evidently Columbus was smitten by the governor’s wife and stopped more to see her than to get supplies.

There are beautiful cathedrals on the island dedicated to the patron saint of the island Our Lady of Guadalupe and much more to do and see in this city by the sea that is so rich in culture and history.

12 KM to the Northwest of San Sebastin La Gomera is where you find Hermigua where we also have a webcam. Just 12 Km can make a huge difference in the view as witnessed by our web cam. The beautiful old cedar forests of this region deliver beautiful views.

Hermigua is a bit different than the other towns, in that there really is no town. Most people expect a town to have a center where commerce and other activities take place.

This town is built in a large valley and the properties sort of flow down the ravine with no discernible center. The ravine ends at the ocean. It is a great base for hikers and is often used as such.

The stores, restaurants and bars in Hermigua are strung out down the ravine, instead of being in one central area like in most towns which is a nice feel that makes you feel like you “discover” these little shops.

Want to change your views of the island, our webcam of La Gomera, Valle Gran Rey will give you a completely different look at the island. Valle Gran Rey is favored for its black sand beaches and for its fantastic diving opportunities.

The tranquil setting of this former fishing village tucked in a valley is simple stunning to experience. There is also a bit of a party atmosphere in the town which comes as a surprise to some visitors.

One of the favorite pastimes is to grab a beer at the local bar and watch the sunrise. It has become a holiday destination for people the are fans of scuba diving and for people that are fans of peace, quite and stunning views.

Garajonay National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a real stunner. It has ancient trees and is one of the last Laurel forests on the planet.  70% of the park is covered in Laurel. You find tropical plants and archeological sites in the park.

The park covers 11% of La Gomera and is truly a site to see. It has a relic climate a wealth of permanent streams and creeks running through it and lush green foliage that is only found is endemic to the region. The forest is constantly covered in a mist that gives it a magical feel. It is a must see on a visit to La Gomera.

Playa Santiago La Gomera is a small resort town on the southern coast of La Gomera and of course we have a webcam that will give you great views of the areas. Our Playa Santiago La Gomera webcam is the perfect way to experience this tourist destination.

This area is rich in marine life, wildlife and beautiful scenery. The beach here is more laid back than in other areas of La Gomera. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails for visitors to enjoy. Here is where you find the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that will reconnect you with nature.

Many people are not aware of the beauty, history and the culture of this unique little island and because of its proximity to the larger Tenerife it is often considered part of Tenerife, but it is not. It has its own unique vibe that is very different from the capital island.

The indigenous islanders developed a language that helped them to communicate through the ravines, valleys and mountains of the island – El Silbo. This whistling communication let islanders stay in touch while they hunted and gathered.

The wine of this island is considered a favorite as is the cheese pate that is served in the restaurants.

Thanks to the islands size, it is easy to walk from one place to another in many cases and can be easier than driving. The roadways are steep and not very developed in many areas of the island.

Most villages and towns towards the interior of the island are less developed and more authentic than the outskirts of the island that cater to tourist.

In other words, whatever your holiday flavor is, La Gomera has something for you.

The fact is this little island is the perfect slice of paradise for your next holiday. It is the destination that people that travel the world look for, it is just a little off the beaten path, and is not as crowded with tourists as the other islands. 

If you cannot get away right now, it is always good to have a plan and our webcams can let you have a look at the different regions on the island to choose which one is perfect for you.

From the dramatic contrasts in landscapes to the warm friendly people, to the blue green waters rich in marine life and the golden sand beaches, this island is one of the Canary Islands best kept secrets.

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