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Jerusalem Israel

4 Live Webcams from Kotel, Jerusalem in Israel

Western Wall Live Cam

We have 4 Webcams of Jerusalem that will give you the insiders view of the famed Western Wall and more!

Jerusalem is a hot bed of activity, pilgrims and visitors from around the world travel to Jerusalem and the Western Wall from all corners of the planet.

Webcam of Western Wall (Western Wall, Kotel) in Jerusalem, Israel (First Cam)

Jerusalem 2

The area is rich in both historical significance and religious significance. It a place that draws in scholars, religious pilgrims and tourists on holiday that want to experience this ancient city first hand.

The Western Wall is in Old Jerusalem. Jerusalem was originally founded as the City of David in 1010 BCE, but according to archaeological evidence the area may have been settled and inhabited as early as 4500 BCE.

This ancient city is rich with cultural importance, ancient history, archeological sites, religious importance and world-renowned artifacts including the Western Wall.

Webcam of Western Wall (Western Wall, Kotel) in Jerusalem, Israel (Second Cam)

Jerusalem 1

Jerusalem is a walled city, but none of the walls of the city get the attention that the Western Wall does. The city is home to over 300 Jewish Synagogues, 33 Mosques and 50 Christian Churches.

The museums in the area are home to some of the oldest biblical texts in the world. There are over 50 museums in Jerusalem. Many people come specifically to see the Western Wall and take advantage of all the other historically significant places through out Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem 3

The Western Wall is sometimes referred to as the “Wailing Wall” by the Christians or the “Kotel” in Yiddish or the “Buraq Wall” to Islam is an ancient structure; one of the last remaining walls of the exterior structure of an ancient temple in Jerusalem.

Our Kotel cam lets you visit the world-famous Western Wall in Jerusalem right from the comfort of your home. Our Western Wall live cam gives you the opportunity to see this historic site and watch as people come and go.

The Western Wall is rich in history. It is 488m long and originally measured 60 m high, today it stands about 40m highs. While only a small section of the wall is heralded as being holiest of the holy, the entire wall is a place of bustling activities.

It is considered a holy place by both Jews and Christians and by the millions that visit the wall annually. The original temple that stood on the spot was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The site is historically relevant. This section of wall is the exterior wall of the temple and not a wall that held up the temple.

It encases the Temple Mount and was built by Herod the Great. Herod the Great built a promenade around the Temple Mount, the Western Wall is part of that promenade but is largely all that remains of the ancient structure surrounding the temples.

Western Wall

It is part of a much longer wall that is connected but not revered as much. The Muslims believe that this is the spot where Mohammad tied his horse before ascending into heaven. His horse was named Buraq hence the name the Buraq wall in Islam.

There are 4 remaining structural walls of the outer temple area, but the western wall is considered the closest to the Temple Mount therefore the most holy space for Jews.

Webcam view from the Western Wall Tunnels

The pilgrimage to the wall began during Roman rule when the Jews were not permitted into Jerusalem except on Tisha be-Av (the day of mourning for the loss of the temples).

It was not until the 1600’s when the Western Wall really grew in significance to the Jewish community and a symbol of the suffering of the people.

Wailing Wall

The wall today faces a large square in the middle of Old Jerusalem. The square sets aside areas to pray to visitors. On many Jewish holidays and holy days of obligation, the square can be packed with pilgrims that vie to stand close to the wall and lament the loss of the temples and the struggle that ensued the people of Israel.

Many people that visit the wall leave notes tucked in the stone addressed to God and pray fervently that the temple will return to the spot. There are over one million notes collected annually by keepers of the wall. The notes are collected and buried.

The site of the wall is so overwhelming to many Jewish people that they find themselves weeping as they pray hence the term the “Wailing Wall” coined by Christians that witnessed the fervor and the wailing.

It is a moving experience to visit a spot that is so historically significant to one of the largest religious organizations in the wall. Jews come to the site to mourn the loss of the temples. It is a very touching site to see such true believers’ centuries later lament over their lost temples.

Men and women are separated at the wall, there is a section for men and a section for women.

The “Western Wall” has always been a symbol of the strife in the region. Up until 1967, the wall was often part of the struggle of who would occupy the region.

The symbolic “winning of the wall” between opposing sides of various disputes and wars was always a critical gain for whichever side “won” it. Jerusalem has been conquered over forty times since written historical records have been kept and the area has had 100 wars fought in the area.

The fact that the Western Wall is still standing after centuries of wars, is a fact that is not lost on true believers. Jews believe that the wall survives because God wants it to.

Under Israeli governance the wall is protected fiercely as a national treasure and a sacred place that takes priority when it comes to defense.

The wall has its own committee that ensures that it will never come under harm. There are security checkpoints that include metal detectors that visitors must go through before reaching the wall.

There are customs that visitors to the wall should abide by.

Western Wall in Jerusalem

Shoulders to the knee need to be covered to enter the sacred area. While all nationalities and religions are welcome to the wall area, you do have to be dressed conservatively to be admitted to the area.

Men should have their heads covered, there is a yarmulkes booth outside that you can get head gear at.

While it is not required it is a sign of respect to never turn your back on the wall. You walk backwards away from the wall. It is also a good idea to keep things quiet when you are near the wall. This is a very holy and solemn place to many people.

The Jerusalem live cam lets you witness the events at the wall that are simply intriguing.


Population: Jerusalem is currently home to approximately 855 thousand people.


Main Attractions: The Wall and other historic ancient sites.

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