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Jerusalem Israel

4 Live Webcams from Kotel, Jerusalem in Israel

Western Wall Live Cam

The Kotel cam lets you visit the world-famous Western Wall in Jerusalem right from the comfort of your home. Our Western Wall live cam gives you the opportunity to see this historic site and watch as people come and go.

Webcam of Western Wall (Western Wall, Kotel) in Jerusalem, Isarael (First Cam)

Jerusalem 2The Western Wall is rich in history. It is 488m long and originally measured 60 m high, today it stands about 40m highs.

Live Cam of Western Wall (Wailing Wall, Kotel) in Jerusalem, Isarael (Second Cam)

Jerusalem 1The Western Wall is sometimes referred to as the “Wailing Wall” or the “Kotel”. It is an ancient structure; the last remaining wall of an ancient temple in Jerusalem.

Live View of Western Wall (Wailing Wall, Kotel) in Jerusalem, Isarael (Third Cam)

Jerusalem 3It is considered a holy place by Jews but both Jews and Christians by the millions visit the wall annually.

Live Camera from Wilson’s Arch In Jerusalem

The original temple that stood on the spot was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The site is historically relevant.

Wailing WallMany people that visit the wall leave notes tucked in the stone addressed to God.

The site of the wall is so overwhelming to many people that they find themselves weeping as they pray hence the term the “Wailing Wall”.

It is a moving experience to visit a spot that is so historically significant to one of the largest religious organizations in the wall.

The Jerusalem live cam lets you witness the events at the wall that are simply intriguing.

Access to the wall has often been under dispute between the Muslims and the Jews both claiming rights to it.

PopulationPopulation: Jerusalem is currently home to approximately 855 thousand people.

AttractionsMain Attractions: The Wall and other historic ancient sites.

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