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HQ Karlovy Vary Live WebCam in Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary Webcam

Karlovy Vary (Czech) or Carlsbad (German) is a spa town in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic webcam is your viewing window on this world of lush landscaping, high end hotels and beautiful colonnades.

Karlovy Vary Live WebCam

This region is well-known for its natural hot springs. There are 13 main springs and over 300 small springs.

The beautiful warm water Tepla River is a big tourist pull. The hot springs rush into the Tepla River with water jets spouting up to 14 meters high. The river flows right through the center of the city.

Karlovy Vary During the 19th century Karlovy became a tourist hot spot for the rich and famous.

Celebrities, world leaders and other noteworthy people flocked to this amazing spa town.The city has been featured in several films because of the beautiful setting it has to offer.

The impressive architecture is in the Art Nouveau and Neoclassic styles. 

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is one of the longest running film festivals in all of Europe.

You can view the hot spring geysers shooting into the air like clock work every minute. The healing waters of the springs are said to be curative and people travel from around the globe to enjoy a soak and to drink the healing waters.

While Karlovy is most recognized for its spas and hot springs it is also a glassmaking town as well. Since the late 1800’s Moser Glassworks has been creating amazing glass. Karlovy Vary is a true example of Europe at its finest.

Population Population: There are roughly 50,000 full time residents of Karlovy.

Attractions Main Attractions: The hot springs. The beautiful colonnades. The Glass Museum. Church of St. Mary Magdalene. The Karlovy Vary Museum and Art Gallery. The amazing hotels and spas and so much more.

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