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Devon United Kingdom

Webcams of Dawlish in UK (Live Streams)

Visit the Resort Town of Dawlish Via Live Web Cam!

Dawlish web cams in HD take you right into the center of the action of this much-loved coastal town in the UK. Located on the southern coast of Devon in Teignbridge this town is a hot spot destination in the UK. The golden sand beach has been a big draw for tourism but that is not the only reason people head to this region for their holidays.

Live UK Beach Cam from Teignmouth – Dawlish Railway View

Here is where you will see the famous Black Swans at Lawn and Brook that are legendary the world over for their elegance and beauty. Dawlish has been noted as a bird watchers heaven and lucky for you, you do not have to travel there to see it!

There are over 23000 wild fowl and wading birds that stop in Dawlish for food and shelter. It is not unusual to site a rare species here because the area is so welcoming to these feathered visitors. There are nature preserves and conservation groups that really put the work in to ensuring that these species are protected and cared for.

The beaches are well-kept and minutes from the center of town making this a great escape for families that need a holiday away from it all. The san dunes at Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve are ideal for exploring nature and viewing the wildlife. There is plenty of natural beauty that surrounds this town that anyone with an interest in the outdoors can appreciate. Even those that have no interest in the outdoors will be impressed by the landscape and the views of Dawlish.

The town itself has many examples of early Victorian era and classic Regency style architecture which perfectly complements the seaside location. 600-year-old castles are nearby in Exeter and offer the perfect day trip. There are family amusement areas for miniature golf and other activities to keep everyone busy on holiday.

The Lawn in the center of town is a wide-open green space with a bowling green and a brook that runs the entire length of the lawn that is planted with beautiful flowers for your enjoyment. There are shops and cafes that surround the lawn where you can pop in and grab something to drink and a quick bite!

This is a very family friendly holiday destination. There are treasure hunts for kids, paint shops where they can learn to paint and so much more for the family to participate in. The beaches are lovely, and the water is clean and beautiful, so bathing is encouraged during the summer months.

Dawlish Beach The Dawlish Leisure Center is a great bustle of activities including 6 sports courts, weight room, 5 lane 25m pool and more for those active travelers that like to expend some energy. For those that prefer a more relaxed approached on their holiday there are plenty of places to kick back and just relax.

Adventurers can take advantage of the Exe Adventure. It is a mobile unit that comes to you and your group with a 15-passenger mini bus and a load of equipment to take you to all the adventure spots around South Devon. It is a convenient way to enjoy some of the off the beaten path adventures in the area.

Whether you are an adventurer, a nature lover, a lover of all things beachy or just looking for a great place to have some family fun, Dawlish can certainly meet your expectations. Of course, if you cannot get there in person our live webcams will help you to view the area and enjoy the view!

Population Population: 13000 year-round residents

Attractions Main Attractions: the beaches, bird watching, The Lawn, the nature reserves, the castles and Victorian architecture and so much more!

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