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Costa Adeje Webcam

Costa Adeje Webcams (Live Stream Tenerife)

Live Webcam Tenerife of Costa Adeje!

You can visit the beautiful Canary Islands in HD and catch all the live action with our Tenerife webcam in Costa Adeje!

This tourist hot spot is a vacation paradise and our webcam in Costa Adeje puts you right in the middle of all the comings and goings. We make it easy to take in the views of Costa Adeje that so many travelers flock to.

Costa Adeje Webcam View of Puerto Colon Beach

Costa Adeje is in Tenerife, a Canary Island, our live webcam of Tenerife is strategically located to give you the best views of the area while you sit back and relax.

Choose your view from one of our two live webcam of Costa Adeje in Tenerife, the Hovima Costa Adeje webcam, the Hovima La Pinta webcam!

Hovima Hotels are family friendly hotels that offer the best in service and accommodations in Costa Adeje. The resorts are chock full of amenities, located right on the ocean and host guests from around the world on holiday.

Hovima Costa Adeje Webcam

Our live Costa Adeje webcam positioned perfectly at Hovima gives you a bird’s eye view of this wonderful resort pools and the ocean beyond. You can see the boats coming and going from our Costa Adeje live webcam, watch poolside fun and more!

Whether you are a people watcher or just want to see what all the buzz is about the Costa Adeje live webcam can provide you with an insiders view of this beautiful region. Enjoy the serenity of the ocean waves from the most comfortable chair in your home.

The scenic island of Tenerife is located off the coast of Africa and is the largest island in the Canary Island chain. Costa Adeje is a municipality of the island and is a resort lovers dream come true. Tenerife is also home to Spain’s highest elevation, Mount Teide.

Costa Adeje has a lot of charm. It is not a very large area, but it has a lot of interest packed into the 42KM that is occupies. It is Tenerife’s 4 largest municipality by size, but many would say it is the most important municipality because of the large tourism and economy that it generates for the island.  

Beach in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a tropical paradise that draws in millions of tourists each year to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the temperate weather. Tenerife, specifically Costa Adeje is home to the largest concentration of 5-star hotels in all of Europe! It generates the highest tourism dollars in all of Spain, making it an important economic hub for the country. 

Around 5 million people visit Tenerife each year with most of them headed to Costa Adeje. Of course, you do not have to book that flight to see what Costa Adeje has to offer, our Costa Adeje webcam lets you join in on the fun from home!

The best part of using our Tenerife webcam is that it is free, and you can check in with the live webcam in Costa Adeje any time. Day or night our Costa Adeje live webcam is ready to view.

A favorite activity of both locals and visitors is to watch the boats on the ocean, the sea birds grabbing their lunch right out of the ocean and other natural scenic views.

Our live cams let you enjoy the view without having to leave home and travel! You can see this fascinating part of the world and check out what holiday travelers are doing around the clock.

The landscape of this region is simply stunning. Between the crystal-clear waters to the unusual rock formation that have been carved out from centuries of strong Tradewinds blowing across the island, Costa Adeje is a visual feast.

Some of the well-known natural sculptures include Roque del Conde rock and Barranco del Infierno (Hell’s Ravine). Both are worthy of exploration.

In all about 45% of the land that makes up Costa Adeje is protected land as a nature preserve to ensure that the area stays beautiful.

Bahia Principe Costa Adeje

The weather in Tenerife can be very different from one region to another, for example the Costa Adeje weather is less humid than the northern side of the island where the prevailing trade winds can bring humidity in. Overall the heat on the island never gets unbearable.

There are days when the temperature does climb above 30 degrees C, but those days are far and few in between. The higher the elevation the cooler the temperatures in Tenerife.

The Costa Adeje weather is temperate, not too hot and not too cold year-round. Temperature in Costa Adeje only varies by a few degrees through-out the year.

December is the rainy season, August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 29°C. The winter months are temperate with lows averaging 17 degrees C and highs of 22 degrees C.

The number of sunny days in this region outnumber the number of rainy days by about 5 to 1. It can get a little windy, but the breeze can be a welcome relief from the heat of the summer. The Costa Adeje weather webcam will let you see for yourself what the weather is like!

It is no wonder that this is a holiday hot spot for families, singles and couples. There is plenty to do and see in Adeje, of course the beaches, some of the absolute best on the island are the star of the show, but there is so much more.

There are 14 different beaches to choose from. All of them are safe to swim at.

Night in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is home to some of the best diving opportunities, snorkeling and other water sports. The rich sea life includes green sea turtles, star fish, beautiful tropical fish and more.  

There are over 500 species of fish that live off the shores of Adeje. Guided activities in the ocean with companies like Xplore Tenerife and Blue Bottom Diving, offer complete packages for day excursions.

For adventurers that love to pump up the adrenaline there is the SIAM Park Tenerife. This Thai themed water park is filled with thrills! Located in Adeje up on a hill, it is in walking distance from the heart of town and free bus service is available if walking is not desired.

Parasailing and paragliding dot the skies over the Costa Adeje cost. While it is not for everyone, it does look like a lot of fun.

Parasailing and paragliding are popular activities on the island and are available right from the beach at Costa Adeje. Viewing the Costa Adeje webcam live is a great way to take a peak at people enjoying this sport.

Costa Adeje Grand Hotel

If you like to just sit on the beach and relax whale watching and dolphin watching is a “great sport”. When you view our Costa Adeje webcam live, see if you can spot the whales and the dolphins swimming by!

For daring hikers there is the Masca Barranco in Tenerife. The hiking can be treacherous, but it is well worth the risk because it is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

The winding hiking trails can get steep at times so if you are going to make this trek be sure you have hiking boots and are prepared for the potential weather changes as you move up to higher elevations.

You can spend the day at El Teide and La Caleta National Parks and witness the unique landscape with craters caused by the lava flow at the El Teide and experience the lava flow.

El Teide is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is rich with natural beauty and wonder and worth the day trip to see it.

La Caleta National Park is a National Park located on the seashore.

Here is where you will find the raw natural beauty that Tenerife has to offer. Pristine, untouched nature at its finest that is of course, until you come to Hippy Beach, which is lined with shacks homes to the Hippy population in Tenerife!

If you travel at the right time of year you will be additionally treated to the feasts that take over the streets of Adeje in celebration of patron saints including San Sebastián, Santa Úrsula and La Virgen de la Encarnación.

Locals line the streets to pay homage to their patron saints, food vendors are out and there is typically entertainment to celebrate the saint.

This area is rich in history and has some fine examples of early architecture that a stroll around town quickly reveals.

Casa Fuerte and Barranco del Infierno are two prime examples of Adeje heritage. The buildings in the center of town are reek of history and add to the quaintness of Adeje.

No matter what your preference is for your time spent on holiday you can find it in Adeje at Costa Adeje.

Our live webcam in Costa Adeje lets you have a peak at all the sights that makes this one of the most wonderful enjoyable holiday spots in the world.

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