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Caesarea Webcam

Caesarea Webcam from Israel

A town found in north-central Israel and a modern-day location of the ancient city of Caesarea Maritima. Caesarea, also known as Qaysaria or Keisarya, is a small and unique town, with some aspects not found anywhere else in the country.

Caesaria Webcam Beach View

The town has a long history, spanning from 30 BCE to the modern era, changing hands along the way, leading it to one of the unique aspects that the city holds today.

Within the country, Caesare is the only Israeli region managed by a private organization, more precisely, the Caesarea Development Corporation, which takes care of all the city folk needs, creating an interesting dynamic of paying a service fee, instead of the usual taxes.

The aforementioned history of the town is just as fascinating. The town started its days as a Herodian city back in 30 BCE, becoming the capital of Palestina Prima during the Byzantine era around the 400s, jumping to 1101 where it turned into a Crusader castle, and eventually, after many historical periods, becoming ruins in 1265.

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It eventually reached a point where in 1884 it became a Bosniak Ottoman village, coming back to life once again.

Nowadays, the privately-owned town stands as one of the most upscale residential communities in Israel, and its industry mainly focuses on distribution and high-technology services, but where it truly shines are the artifacts from ancient times mixed with the modern and ever-developing life.

For example, the ruins of the ancient city of Caesarea Maritima by themselves are a sight to behold, as while observing them you can clearly see the scale of the city that once was. One of the sights to visit during the modern era is the theater, which was originally built by Herod the Great and over the many centuries modified and repaired.

Caesarea Webcam View

It makes for a great location for events, as to this day it gets used for many performances, creating an atmosphere like no other, as if you choose to participate in any event taking place in the theater, you get surrounded by the ruins of an ancient city, something other places might not be able to offer.

The Caesarea National Park, where the theater is situated, is a gem, to begin with, alongside the Roman theater, you’ll be able to find a reconstruction of an ancient lavatory and frescoes, bathhouse, and much more. The greatest strength of the town are the treasures left from the past, which are still in wonderful condition, preserved as a window to ancient times.

Mixing together the joy of the Mediterranean sea and the site of an ancient ruin – the underwater archeological park is another unique thing found in the region. It is not only the first underwater archeology park in Israel but also the world.

The almost 50 acres are filled with ruins from the ancient harbor and a plethora of shipwrecks from the many ages of the history of Caesarea. The town is full of these kinds of wonders to discover, which also explains why most of the development of the town is around the ruins and wonders from the past, which also somewhat explains the status of being privately owned, as it pretty much is just a live-in national park.

Given the unique setup, Caesarea makes for a romantic and a very aesthetic getaway. Not to mention the usual benefits from the location, like the aforementioned Mediterranean Sea, which is known for its coastline, aquatic life, and the climate of the region that inhabits it.

When it comes to Caesarea, the weather ranges from 13 degrees Celsius (55 F) during the winter and around 25 degrees Celsius (77F) during the summer months, making it an ideal summer destination and a rather decent offseason location to consider.

Caesarea Webcam

The town is a rather unique place that breaks the mold of the usual vacation option, but if you still feel like you want a bit more before you consider visiting the city, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams found on this page!

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