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Blankenberge Webcam

Blankenberge Webcam from Belgium

Found in the Belgian province of West Flanders, the municipality of Blankenberge is a small seaside getaway. With only around 20,000 residents and miles of great sandy beach for grabs, it’s a nice and humble vacation destination.

Blankenberge Webcam Beach View

Originally, the resort started its days as an exclusive location mostly dedicated to and visited by Royals. This tradition, most notably upheld by Austrian royalty halted with the start of the First World War, and by the end of the Second World War, the location has fully transformed into a popular holiday destination open to everyone.

It became a notable location as a part of its exclusive touch stayed intact, with popular artists appearing on the boardwalk, with many international artists appearing for events or visits.

The most notable addition to the vast and sandy beach is the famous boardwalk. It stretches from land to the border of the sea, overlooking the beach and the many people found on it. The Belgium Pier is a key landmark in the town and offers great views and food.

Blankenberge Webcam View

Whilst the beach and the infamy of the resort takes the spotlight, the city has many interesting corners for you to discover. For example, the ZOO Serpentarium, a unique reptile zoo, which stands as the only reptile zoo in the entire of Belgium.

Not to mention, it’s also a place that allows you to handle snakes, which is definitely an interesting opportunity that doesn’t come often. The facilities serve as home to a large family of spiders, lizards, and frogs, creating a wonderful place for reptile lovers no matter the weather. Journey on through a rain forest of life and get to see the best of the reptilian world Belgium has to offer.

The town is also home to many favored resort activities, such as a mini-golf course. In this case, you get to choose from two, very different experiences. One, by the name of Mini Crazy Golf, is a beautiful and cozy outdoors course that features green and nature imagery, full of trees and green grass.

Blankenberge View

But if this feels just a tad bit “vanilla”, the other offering, the Goolfy Blacklight Minigolf is an experience you don’t often see around. It’s an establishment that features an 18-hole mini-golf course and a bowling alley that all takes place in the dark under the glow of hundreds of blacklights.

This creates a dreamy environment that glows in the dark with a pirate theme found all over the place. Indoors or outdoors, if you like mini-golf, there’s a lot to love.

If the reptile zoo left you with a bit of an itch for more wildlife, no need to fret. The Sea Life zoo of Blankenberge offers a modern look into what a zoo or an animal sanctuary should be. The institution does not focus on putting up a show with the animals they house in their facilities, the mission behind the zoo is about preservation and protection.

Home to otters, penguins, sea lions, and many more marine life icons, it’s a place for a safe rescue. The zoo focuses on providing the different species it houses with the most optimal living situation for preservational reasons.

The staff is loving and friendly and the entire experience is wonderful. If you are cautious about the zoo culture and the dark lengths some institutions go for entertainment, rest assured that this is a place for animals to rest and stay safe.

Blankenberge Webcam

Whilst Belgium is not revered for its climate, the weather can get quite pleasant.

The expected average for the summer months when people visit the city for its beach and water-based activities, the temperature stays around the 17 degrees Celsius mark, but if you time your journey well, the temperatures climb up to around 20 degrees Celsius, making for perfect temperatures that feel warm and pleasant, with refreshing and cooling water, with the sunlight never becoming overbearing.

The seashore town of Blankenberge is a wonderful resort with its roots in royalty and exquisite service. Nowadays, it’s a wonderful holiday getaway with enough unique and interesting attractions for every kind of visitor. If you still want to catch a look before you make up your mind, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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