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Baden Baden

Webcams of Baden Baden in Germany

Webcam Baden-Baden Germany

The Baden- Baden cam will put you in the middle of the action! Why worry about travel costs when you can “visit” exciting places like Baden-Baden without spending anything? The Baden Germany webcam is a great opportunity to see what is happening and its free!

Baden Baden panorama Live Stream

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Baden-Baden 2 Baden-Baden is in southwest Germany and is home to one of the worlds most wonderful spa experiences.

The ancient Roman baths were built in 211CE because of the natural hot springs.

It’s modern day reputation as a healing spa location started in the early 19th century when the Queen of Prussia visited, however, it was Napoleon that really put Baden-Baden on the map.

Baden-Baden It became a highly sought-after resort for royalty and high society through out Europe.

Today it is still a very “hot” spot for tourism, people travel from around the world to relax in the natural hot springs.

Located on the outskirts of the amazing Black Forest in the countryside, Baden-Baden is a tranquil destination with beautiful scenery. There are 12 thermal spas throughout Baden-Baden. The spas can reach 68c in temperature and is often used to treat a wide range of ailments including cardio vascular disease, muscle problems and more.

Baden-Baden has more to offer than the healing spas. The Festspielhaus opera house is the second largest in Europe. Festivals are often held in the town.

It is also home to one of the world’s most stunning casinos. This town is made for relaxation, fun and healing and it shows. Everything about Baden-Baden is intriguing and well-worth a look!

Population Population: Approximately 55,000

Attractions Main Attractions: Festspielhaus (the historical Roman Baths), Lichtentaler Allee, Frieder Burda Museum, Baden-Baden Museum, Fabergé Museum, Baden-Baden State Art Gallery, Iffezheim Racecourse and more!

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