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Ascona Live Streaming from Switzerland

Switzerland is known for many things, from chocolate to cheese and the Swiss Alps, the country has wholesomely earned its spot in the public consciousness, but one wonderful place many might not know about is the municipality of Ascona.

Ascona is a small town with a population of just 5500 and a history that spans all the way back to the Late Bronze Era. It is also the country’s lowest-lying town and famous for not only its mild climate, gorgeous Old Town that will surely make you feel that you’re not that far away from Italy, and the lake promenade.

In modern times the village stands as a great summer getaway, the resort, located close to Locarno, is no joke, with an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, many great locations for new and old goods for a shopping trip, a large swimming pool, modern and smart hotels, plenty of great restaurants for any taste or flavor, stunning walks in the park, and much more.

Ascona Webcam

You will find many possibilities for outings, the side valleys of the Tessin are wonderful for hiking, and if you can get your hands on a bike, an absolutely amazing biking trip is in your reach.

The town is surrounded by wonderful Swiss nature, but also has many great sights when it comes to architecture as well. Such spots as the Collegio Pontificio Papio and the Museo Castello San Materno offer great, somewhat medieval and romantic sights.

The former is an ancient monastery that has nice architecture, with many arches and a wonderful park. It is great for a visit and a romantic walk. The latter is an ancient castle that has gotten some restoration work and now stands as an exhibition venue for the town of Ascona.

Ascona Webcam View

It holds an important collection of more than sixty works by the most significant artists gravitating in the German area. It is a great location to visit both for the restored castle and the gallery it houses inside.

Ascona is located in the southern-most region of Switzerland, the Italian-speaking Canton of the Ticino, making it a rather unique experience, meeting in-between Switzerland and Italy, the best of both worlds.

A polarizing part of the experience in this region is the climate, if the overbearing heat of Italian summers is too much, good news, the climate found in Ascona is rather tame, the summer months seeing temperatures at around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

The winter, on the other hand, gets closer to the 0-degree mark (Celsius, or 30 degrees Fahrenheit). But nature found around might mislead you if you find yourself there during the warmer spring or summer months. With bushes, palm trees, and wonderful, green mountains, it’s a treat on the eyes.

The greater Ascona-Locarno region is rich for exploration. The mountains and picturesque valleys are covered with over 1400 kilometers of paths that are free for you to explore. May it be on foot or by using a mountain bike, the region is a treat to explore and navigate.

Not to mention, once you’re back in the city, you are for just as great of an experience. With a well-developed town that offers great events and activities year-round, you are bound to have something stimulating to partake in.

Ascona View

The region is a mixed bag in the best way possible. From rich millennia lasting history to a mix of Swiss-Italian nature, with many great old tows, gorgeous islands, and facilities to make your visit as good as it can be.

May it be the mountains or the wonderful water found between them, you are in for a trip of your life, not to mention your photo gallery is about to get a serious upgrade. But if you don’t feel like flying to the middle of Europe just yet, feel free to take a quick look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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