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Canmore Canada

Canmore Alberta Webcams in Canada (High Quality)

HD Webcam View of Canmore Alberta

View Canmore Alberta with our HD live web cam! Canmore is a quaint town in Alberta that has a lot to offer! You will enjoy taking a peak at this town from our Canmore main street webcam!

Canmore Alberta Live Webcam View of Railway Avenue

Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains just west of Calgary, Canmore is a known for its summits specifically for the Ha Ling Peak and the Three Sisters. It is rich in natural beauty.

The Grassi Lakes Trail located in the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park is world famous for its turquoise blue lakes that were formed by a glacier. These lakes are often photographed for their stunning beauty.

In this town you will experience the true beauty of the Rocky Mountains. It has caves and bike trails; cross country skiing is a big hit in the region and so much more.

Canmore is a Gaelic word that means “big head” it was named as such by Donald Smith and executive with the Canadian Railway. He chose the name based on a nickname that was used for Malcolm the III of Scotland.

It was used as a coal mining town in the 1800’s. The town saw a boom of growth during the 1800’s well into the early 19th century. Concerns over growth of the town since the 1960’s has put severe restrictions on development.

The last development potential will expire in 2020 with the Three Sisters Mountain Village development. Canadian government is firm on restricting any further development to protect the national park on the outskirts of town.

Cannmore Alberta This area is a pristine natural area that deserves protection after a long history of mining has done its damage. The area has rebounded back nicely since the last mining company left in the 1960’s and the government has refused to let any more mining companies in.

It is a sparsely populated area that covers a large range of land. To walk the town takes about an hour and a half. The town is highly segmented because of the river, land divisions, wildlife crossings and more.

If you like a town with wide open spaces, you will love this town. It is an outdoors lover’s paradise, few people and plenty of nature.

There is one museum in town, but there are plenty of festivals held through out the year for anyone that wants a dose of culture.  The town is so small that it does not have an official weather station, but nearby Banff does.

The average yearly temperature is 18-22 degrees C in the short summer months with temperatures dropping to about -3 degrees C in the winter.  There are on average 158 frost free days. The snowfall beats out the rainfall by about 4 times the amount.

Cannmore Alberta Canada So, what do people do for fun in this region? They enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many trails for mountain biking, hiking and other activities that it would take a lifetime to see them all. The area is rich in wildlife including grizzly bears, big horn sheep, coyotes, cougars and more are all inhabitants of this area. The extensive national park is a preservation for a wide range of wildlife that often wander into town. There are over 130 species of animals that call this area home.

At night time the sky show is incredible and natural! The Northern Lights can be seen easily from Canmore and because it is sparsely inhabited area there are no artificial lights to get in the way of the viewing.

If you want to visit Canmore and stay warm while you do it, you are best to “visit” the area from our live free webcams! You can safely view the wildlife that wander into town, watch as the cross-country skiers pass by and view the fun festivals that are happening regularly!

Population Population: Less than 10,000

Attractions Main Attractions: the wildlife, the beautiful nature trails, the turquoise lakes and waterfalls, the museums and more

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