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Banf Canada

Webcams of Banff in Canada

Visit Banff From Home with Live Webcams from Banff!

View Banff right from home with our Banff live webcams! This resort town located in Alberta Canada is simply stunning to view.

The Banff National Park rings the town with the peaks of Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade as the backdrop of this beautiful town. Our live web cams lets you in on all of the beauty without having to travel!

Live Cam View of Centre Mt. Norquay Webcam

If you love the great outdoors you will love watching our webcam of Banff. The 6500 sq Km that surround this resort town on rich with wildlife including grizzly bears and large elk. There is always something to see in this town.

It is one of Canadas most popular tourist destinations and after watching for a while you will see why. The natural beauty of this region is complemented by all the outdoor activities that are available. Skiing of course is a favorite. Both Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade, part of the Rocky Mountain Range, offer amazing ski opportunities.

Webcam View of Banff Centre Spray Valley

The area was settled in the 1800’s. The story goes that two railway workers discovered the hot springs in the area and as they say the rest is history. It was the first area named a National Park by the Canadian government largely to be used as a tourist attraction.

The Canadian government had hoped that the natural hot springs and undeniable beauty of the region would improve tourism to the area, and they were right it did.

River in Banf The area was named Banff by the president of the  Canadian Pacific Railway to pay homage to his birth place Banff Scotland. The town was established as a tourist center initially and was run by the Canadian government. It was in 1900 that Banff became the only incorporated town in the middle of a National Park.

Prisoners built the infrastructure of the town! From 1915 through 1917 an interment camp was set up that housed prisoners from other provinces and they were tasked with building everything from roads to buildings to create the infrastructure of the town.

In 1985 Banff was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. This area experiences a sub-artic climate. That means that year round you can find snow on the ground in Banff or somewhere very close by.

The average temperature in the summer can range from a high of 70 degrees F to a low of 40 degrees F. It is rare that the temperature ever get into the 70’s. Winter the temperature ranges on average from 8 degrees F to 21 degrees F.

If you plan on visiting any time of the year be sure to have warm clothing packed.

Banff is an international town that hosted the 2014 Alberta Winter Games. It has a bus system that offers 3 routes, great luxurious hotels and spas and plenty to see and do but it is the natural beauty that is the biggest draw.

Banff Waterfalls in the summer months, snow capped mountains year round, beautiful lakes, and of course the natural hot springs are all big attractions in Banff. At night the area really comes to life not because of the crazy nightclubs but because there is a natural wonder that you can only see at night. To add to the natural beauty, the northern lights can be seen from Banff. The colors dance across the sky and bath this town in beautiful hues.

There is plenty to do in the area. Banff is home to a wide range of festivals through-out that year that are entertaining and chock full of activities. Mountain hiking, mountain biking, fishing in the nearby lakes, skiing, spa days are all a part of the fun at Banff.

Learning more about the region and using our webcams of Banff to watch the action is a great way to expand your view of the world without having to incur the travel expenses!

Population Population: Full time population is about 8000

Attractions Main Attractions: All the natural beauty, Lake Minnewanka, Fairmont Hot Springs, The massive waterfalls (in summer), Whyte Museum and so much more!

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