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San Diego USA

San Diego Webcams in California (Best Quality Live Cams)

Live Webcams of San Diego California!

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San Diego is located on the Pacific Coast. It is well-known for its amazing climate, beaches, parks and the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

The US Navy calls San Diego home as well. The deep harbor of San Diego is home to the USS Midway, and air craft carrier that is now used as a museum where patrons can board.

The US Navy and San Diego have a relationship that goes back to the 1800’s.

San Diego is located about 120 miles south of Los Angeles in southern California. It is the 2nd largest city in California and the 8th largest city in the US. It was once part of the Mexican territories after Mexico won its independence from Spain. America won it back when it won the war for California in 1846.

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This region is rich in history both American history and Mexican history. There are forts and other artifacts left by the war that was fought over this region that make for some interesting exploration today.

The region is a hilly region both on land and in the water. Some peaks are within the city limit giving the city a beautiful backdrop.

Cowles Mountain, at 1,591 feet (485 m) the highest point in the city, Black Mountain at 1,558 feet (475 m); and Mount Soledad at 824 feet (251 m). The Cuyamaca Mountains and Laguna Mountains are to the west. The mountains are an unexpected feature in this area because of the proximity to the mountains.

San Diego

The climate is a huge pull in this region. The number of sunny days in the area exceed 340 a year. The climate is arid, so humidity is never an issue and the breeze from the ocean is wonderful. Year-round temperature hovers around the 80-degree mark.

There is plenty to see and do in San Diego from the world-renowned San Diego Zoo to hiking through the mountains and visiting museums there is literally something for every traveler. Marine life is abundant in this region, whales, seals, sea lions, octopus and more all inhabit the coast around San Diego. Spending a day just watching the sea life is a great time in this area.

Surfing is a big activity in the region, as a matter of fact there is tons to do on the water. The beaches in San Diego have long stretches of sand complemented by arcades, roller coasters, beach shops, restaurants and more. 

Night in San Diego

Not every beach in the area is sandy, La Jolla beach known for its crystal-clear waters and reef is dotted with smooth rocks to lay a towel down and catch some rays.

Day cruises are available up and down the coast that can take you out for whale watching expeditions, dinner and more.

San Diego is the perfect balance between a city, sea town and mountain town! The cityscape is beautiful at night with the down town area lit up delivering a cosmopolitan vibe.

There are plenty of things to do and see in the area from downtown walking tours, to historic tours, to museums and beaches and boating, bike tours, the hop on hop off trolley tour, San Diego offers it all and more.

If you want to see what is happening in San Diego any time of the day or night, our San Diego live webcams are the way to do it!


Population: 1.5 Million


Attractions: The Zoo, the parks and nature trails, the US Naval museum, the marine life, the cruises, the beaches, the art museums, the historic walking tours, there is so much to do and see, that there is not enough space to list them all.

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