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Webcams from Saipan

The largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, home to almost 50,000 residents and wonderful white-sand beaches – Saipan is a Pacific island getaway.

Amazing Webcam View from Saipan, Marian Islands, Micronesia, Oceania

Unsurprisingly, due to the year-round tropical climate, the island makes for a great vacation location. From water sports to guided diving sessions, bike, and cruise ship trips. The island is also home to a large lagoon, that is formed by sandy beaches and an offshore coral reef. If you love a typical tropical vacation, you’ll love Saipan.

One of the hidden gems found on the island is The Grotto, a wonderful snorkeling spot located in an impressive underwater limestone cavern. It reaches up to 21 meters (70 feet) deep. It’s not only beautiful, but it also houses an extensive and rich underwater life that includes turtles, corals, parrotfish, and much more.

Saipan View

Whilst to fully enjoy The Grotto you’ll require a level of fitness, and preferably a group session for your own safety if you just want to get a chance to take a look at the wonderful sights it can provide, it is more than worth a visit. Above or below the water surface, the photos always turn out wonderful.

Managaha, a small islet found west of mainland Saipan is a largely popular day-trip location that is known for its water-based offerings. The emerald waters are great for marine sports, ocean floor walks, and much more.

The list of activities even includes paragliding to parasailing, and with a plethora of guided tours and group activities available, if you find yourself on the islet, there’s definitely something for you to do.

Saipan Webcam

If sticking on land is more of your thing, circular road nature and slightly mountainous terrain make for wonderful downhill bike rides.

May it be with a group or by yourself, finding your way up to Suicide Cliff and making your way down past such places as Bird Island and Last Command Post Park makes for a scenic bike ride with many great stops to look around.

Suicide Clif, for example, is a great spot if you like a good view. Found on top of a stunning cliff, you’ll find both at a position overlooking the plains below and in front of a piece of history that granted the cliff its name.

The site has a few memorials and placks that will educate you about the origin of the cliffs’ name, as during the Second World War, Japanese soldiers chose to take their fate into their own hands. Whilst somber and maybe mood damping, it’s a breathtaking place, and understanding the history of the location, make it just that more heavy whilst looking on the planes below.

As you’re making your way down, you’ll eventually reach Bird Island, a beautiful lookout of the Saipan shoreline, with a large rock formation found right at the line where water meets land.

It’s mostly a spot to soak in the views of the island and makes for some wonderful photos, but not much will wait for you there, well, except for the birds, as the names come from it being a bird sanctuary, although you might see more of them during the later hours of the day.

Saipan Webcam View

The island is full of these types of locations, memorials, and other interesting spots to discover and explore.

Being a tropical island, Saipan enjoys some great weather. With an average year-round maximum of around 28 degrees Celsius (84 Fahrenheit), you are bound to enjoy some sunlight.

Although, as it’s borderline tropical rainforest climate, the region is expecting at least one typhoon a year, so make sure you time your visit well. But if that’s not good enough just yet, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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