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Boston USA

Webcams of Boston in the USA

See Boston USA with Our Live Boston Webcam in HD!

Exploring Boston, the home of the American revolution just got easier with our live webcams of Boston! View the infamous Boston harbor that kicked off the American revolution with the Tea Party from anywhere in the world via free live web cams!

Boston Live Cam

Choose from three views of Boston to see what this city has going on right online! Boston is a hot bed of history for the US. It is legendary in the role it played in the American revolution.

Boston home of the world-renowned Harvard University, Tufts University and Boston College has a vibrant population.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US, it was founded in 1680. The city covers over 48 square miles of land and 41 square miles of water and is the capital of Massachusetts. It is the largest city in Massachusetts.

It is the largest city in all New England and home to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States and still to this day a very important hub for trade, commerce, education and economics.

This city is known the world over for the role it played in the American Revolution and the site of several important historical events including Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston.

Initially early arrival settlers named Boston, Trimountaine, in reference to the three small mountain peaks that were near the city, which you cannot see any longer. The name was changed a few years later to Boston to pay homage to Boston Lincolnshire in England.

This city was founded by puritans and one of the key concepts of puritanical values include a focus on education, it is no surprise that Boston was the home to the first public school in the English colonies in the 1600’s. Today it is an international hub for higher education, gifted students from around the globe apply to the universities in Boston.

It is a big tourist draw and enjoys robust tourism revenues. Faneuil Hall alone sees over 20 million tourist each year.

Boston Harbor Boston harbor is the site of festivals and other events each year that also draws in the tourists. The famous harbor is circled by dining establishments, hotels and other shops. The Charles River views are amazing with the beautiful green shores in the summer months as a back drop to the numerous sail boats that occupy the river.

This is a metropolitan area that is made up of a wide range of neighborhoods. Each area has its own vibe and its own culture. The skyscrapers contrast with the brownstone buildings with walk up flats. This largely catholic dominated city is home to beautiful churches and cathedrals as well.

There are great examples of colonial architecture everywhere, wonderful history museums and art museums, theater companies and of course restaurants that serve delicious seafood.

You cannot talk about Boston without mentioning the mouth-watering fresh seafood served in every restaurant from street vendors to 5-star establishments. It is proficiently available and pulled out of the harbor daily to give diners an opportunity to taste exactly what fresh seafood should taste like.

Boston The people of Boston are also a rather eclectic bunch. Here is where you find a large community of blue-collar workers rubbing elbows with CEO of technology companies, banking industry and more. It is a true melting pot.

Boston is also well known for its high Irish ancestry population. St. Patrick’s Day is a huge holiday in this region that is celebrated at the harbor with a large parade.

The influx of Irish immigrants began in the early 1900’s. The climate and the landscape reminded Irish immigrants of Ireland. Today the population is much more diverse than it was in the 1900’s but still has a large Irish-American population that takes great pride in their Irish roots.

Visiting Boston does not have to include a long plane ride, it can be as simple as switching on your device and viewing our HD live webcams of Boston!

Population Population: Around 700,000

Attractions Main Attractions: Charles River, Boston Harbor, historic sites, restaurants and more!

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