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Webcams from Bermuda

Bermuda – a mysterious island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, providing the name to the ever-mystical Bermuda Triangle, might just be your next vacation destination.

Bermuda Webcam – View of Great Sound Harbor

Missed by many, the elusive island is a rather scenic getaway, full of history, exotic animals, and beautiful beaches. Such institutions as the BAMZ (the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo) and the Walsingham Nature Reserve are great places to explore the nature side of the island.

BAMZ is a three-pronged survey of Bermuda’s natural world that comprises of adjoining aquarium displays, natural history exhibits, and zoo enclosures, which makes it a great place for getting a sample of everything to do with the mysterious island.

When it comes to the Walsingham Nature Reserve, also known as the Tom Moore’s Jungle, is a 12-acre expanse of forests, caves, and secret swimming holes, that let you experience what you might have seen in BAMZ, by yourself. These two locations make a great combination in discovering some aspects of the island before you venture on your own.

Bermuda View

Fort St. Catherine is a striking location, to say the least, not in a conventional way either. It is a well-preserved fortification on the coast at St. George’s that’s equal parts history lesson and exploratory romp.

Once inside, you will find yourself walking through dimly lit tunnels and finding your way up tall towers, many of which are adjacent to highly fortified ramparts that overlook the ocean. History buffs that find themselves intrigued by Bermuda’s past as a British stronghold in the Atlantic, will feel right at home.

While spending some time on a walk around the capital city of Bermuda, Hamilton, you might find yourself spotting an oddly white and somewhat plain-looking building. Well, there is a high probability you are looking right at the Bermuda National Gallery.

Designed by Bermudian Wilfred Onions and first opened in 1960, it houses the Watlington Collection with masterpieces from Gainsborough, Reynolds, and Murillo, the Bermuda Collection that includes paintings and decorative arts dating back to the 1600s, and the African Collection, that features masks, figurines, and sculptures. You are bound to find something unique too, as new exhibits rotate every four to six weeks.

Bermuda Webcam View

If you enjoy art, it is the prime location on the island and even if the collection doesn’t interest you, the building alone is worth a look.

The typical vacation activities are also covered, the Blue Hole Park, a great place for swimming, cliff-jumping, and cave exploring. The swimming hole is the main attraction, but it’s surrounded by caves that are just waiting for someone going spelunking.

There’s also a small nearby beach that can sometimes get crowded. It’s relatively secluded and tends to be frequented mostly by locals, making it somewhat of a hidden gem. The only challenge is finding it in the first place – once you’re there, you’re there.

The city you are most likely to have your stay at is the capital city itself Hamilton, located at the parish of Pembroke, but there are a few more parishes that might want to make sure to check out. Southampton, for example, has one of the most striking secluded beaches – the Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Bermuda Webcam

It is highly popular and usually, one of the first stops travelers visit. Also, you might get confused at first, as you’ll find to Hamiltons, one being the capital city and the other being a parish of its own. But if you already made your way to the parish, the deepwater limestone caves and subterranean passages are incredible sights that are more than worth a visit, so don’t feel bad.

The temperatures are bound to stay around the 20s (Celsius) year-round, so you don’t have to worry when to visit the secluded island and with caves ripe to explore, water clear to cool down in, and cities to explore and learn about, Bermuda turns out to be a destination worth, not overlooking.

While somewhat overshadowed by the more popular and mysterious Bermuda Triangle, that takes name from this island, you will not be disappointed to visit. But if the trip through the Devil’s Triangle, feel free to take a look by utilizing one of the free webcams you can find on this site!

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