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Morro Bay Yacht Club USA

Morro Bay Live Webcam in California, USA

See Morro Bay with a Live Morro Bay Cam!

Morro Bay is called the Gibraltar of the Pacific and now you can view it with our free live webcam of Morro Bay! Morro Bay is located on the coast of California. It is well-known for the Morro Rock that juts out of the ocean.

Morro Bay Live Webcam (High Quality cam View from Yacht Club)

Morro Rock is at the center of the beautiful Morro Rock State Park. The nature preserve is pristine and full of wildlife and of course is highlighted by the natural beauty of the Morro Rock.

This beautiful region is an outdoor lover’s paradise with beautiful lagoons, salt water marshes, and wonderful nature preserves that focus on conservation, ecology and Native American history. People visit to hike the trails up Black Hill for amazing views of the city and of course of the bay area.

Morro Rock is a site to see and our webcam lets you see it, in all its glory. This interesting rock is 581 feet high and is tied to the land via a causeway making it a tied island. It is a volcanic plug and a geological wonder.

Morro Bay It is one of thirteen volcanic plugs in the region and by far one of the largest. It is the remnant of an ancient extinct volcano. Local Native American tribes consider this a sacred site. The area has been inhabited since 6500-2000 B.C.E. by Native Americans.

There are two tribes, The Salinan and the Chumash that claim rights to the rock and are currently in dispute as to which tribe should be able to claim it.  It is used in sacred rituals by Salinan and the Chumash does not feel that it is their rock to use and in fact that the Morro Rock is so sacred that no one should ever climb it.

It is likely it is one of the first things that Spanish settlers of the region came across in the 1500’s. It is hard to miss as you pull into the harbor. The name “Morro” comes from the Spanish word meaning “crown. It was christened Morro Rock by the Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542.

For over 300 years the Morro Rock was used as a navigation tool for sailors because of its visibility.

It is often photographed because of its stunning beauty. It is a true treasure of the pacific that is a familiar site to Californians. It is used to attract tourists and locals alike to visit the region and pay homage to the natural beauty of this natural wonder.

Morro Bay Sunset Morro Rock is home to several different species of birds. It is also home to sea lions, seals, sea otters and a range of sea life that surrounds the rock. There is not much plant life on the rock because of the harsh environment.

While today it is protected under California State Law has a historic district it was not always the case. Morro Rock was quarried from 1889 through 1969 provided the stone for improvements to the breakwater areas and Port San Luis harbor.

Today not only is the rock protected under conservation laws, but the entire bay area is protected. Fishing and other water sports are only permitted in certain areas, during certain times of the year to help protect the ocean life that surrounds the rock and to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Viewing the rock, especially at dusk or dawn, is simply magical and it is a site you do not want to miss! Our live webcams of Morro Rock are a great way to experience this beautiful formation from anywhere in the world!

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