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Detroit Webcam from the USA

The heart of Michigan, the largest and most populous city – Detroit, is a polarizing metropolis right on the Canada–United States border. With over 200 years of history, the city is a colorful and interesting place that nowadays stands as one of the more influential cities in the United States.

Detroit River Live Cam from the Dossin Museum, Detroit, Michigan USA

Throughout history, Detroit has served as home to many influential people and a center of development through the somewhat relatively short history of the states. For example, the metropolitan had a large role in developing the traffic systems of the country, the list even including the world’s first urban freeway.

Not to mention that it is a major player in the automobile industry, as it is home to General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler. These names are still absolute giants in the industry with General Motors, owned by Ford Motor, being an essential part in the development of the industry.

Detroit is full of all kind of interesting facts and achievements that makes the city quite an interesting and important place. Apparently, the city has been even named the birthplace of techno music.

Detroit View

Like any other cultural center of an American state, one of the most enjoyable aspects to partake in is the local food. When it comes to Detroit, it’s quite simple, good, satisfying comfort food.

For example, the Detroit-Style pizza, traveling as far as New York, presumably, because of just how good it is, has become a Detroit staple since the late 40s. The airy texture, caramelization cheese, and the crust that comes from the use of a blue steel pan make the pizza a great local staple.

Another great hearty food that stuck as a local favorite is the Coney Dog, a chili dog that has it’s roots as far as 1917. The treasured food consists of a hot dog on a bun covered with beanless chili, yellow mustard, and raw onions, making for a great quick lunch. What Detroit has to offer when it comes to food is heart.

Detroit Webcam

While not the leader nation-wide, Detroit is the second largest in the country when it comes to the theater district. With 13,000 seats within two-blocks, it makes for a phenomenal cultural hotspot.

The Detroit Opera House and the Fox Theatre are wonderful venues that earn their spot as one of the leaders in the country. If you’re aiming to catch a show in the district, you might find such offerings as the beloved Hamilton, pretty much offering you the best out there.

The city has plenty to offer for a more relaxed evening of recreational activities as well. For example, the Detroit Institute of Arts is a wonderful spot to visit if you’re in for one of the most significant art collections in the United States, you won’t be disappointed.

The museum houses around 100 galleries of art from across the world, from American art to an armor collection from William Randolph Hearst. One of the more iconic parts of the institution is the Diego Rivera mural that was commissioned by Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, one of the three giants of Detroit.

The five-set, fresco-style mural is considered as a great work of art that serves as a unique feature of the museum, making it one of the sights to see. Leaving indoor offerings and spending some time outside, the Dequindre Cut Greenway is an urban path full of street art, and buskers (if you find yourself there during the summer months).

Detroit Webcam View

It also connects the East Riverfront and the Eastern Market, so if you need to get from one to the other, the two-mile path might be a nice alternative to public transportation. And that’s just a small sliver of what the city has to offer.

From great and rich history to standing as one of the cultural leaders in the country, Detroit has plenty of character. No matter what the reason for your visit might be, it is more than worth stay. But, if you still feel like you need to see it for yourself before you commit, feel free to take a look by using one of the free webcams you can find on this page!

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