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Cayucos Beach USA

Cayucos Webcam in California, USA

Cayucos California Webcam

California is a mystical place. It is the home to movie stars, sunny days, exceptional beaches, beautiful mountains and more. It is the place that dreams are made of. The California webcam lets you live a little bit of the dream by giving you the ability to view Cayucos with the Cayucos cam.

Cayucos is in Estero Bay on the central coastline a distance away from the trendier over crowded California beaches.

It gets its name from a Native American tribe and translates to “Kayak”.

This resort town overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by hills. This tiny historic town is known for its pier and its boardwalk.

Cayucos Often you will see surfers dotting the horizon catching the perfect wave to shore. The hilly terrain and rustic beaches are only half the story of Cayucos.

The people are charming, the town is still relatively untouched by touristy draws and it has a secluded feel. There are plenty of dog friendly beaches, equine trails, hiking paths and more to explore in this lovely town.

You will find delicious food with a clear Mexican influence, quaint boutiques and plenty of Bed and Breakfast type lodging.

What you won’t find is he hustle and bustle of the city. It you could only use one word to describe Cayucos, it would be “peaceful”.

Watching the Cayucos California webcam is relaxing!

Population Population: Approximately under 3000

Attractions Main Attractions: The Pacific Ocean, the pier, the boardwalk, the hiking trails, the equine trails, Estero Bluffs State Park, Morro Bay Skateboard Museum, Museum of Natural History Morro Bay and more.

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